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Aiming To The Skies 2018 Lazy Winters And Happy New Year!

To summarize the year 2017 I would simply say that I was amazed. Trump presidency, Isis defeat, and the world doesn't stop there. So much happened this year in the tech world, that if we go in detail and Moses himself woke up now and tried to understand what's going on he would have his mind blown because I am not sure they predicted everything in the old books. A famous Rabbi did mention to me one day that all events are predicted in a way in the old bible and if you know how to read and understand the clues then you know that you can learn a thing or two by simply reading the bible. From the beginning. I promised that to myself that I will do it for my son if he will listen of course.

Lots of voices about #metoo and confessions about famous and wealthy people taking advantage of their positions and powers to exploit the system. You can do a lot with superpowers but instead, we chose to fall for our sick weaknesses. I was surprised to read about the star of the show "hous…

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