Commercial Locksmith

The security of your business is something that has a large impact on your personal feeling of safety. When you feel safe and secure in your own store/office/restaurant/repair shop, you realize that you are able to focus on most important things like expanding your business and have some peace of mind for new ideas! There are times you may find yourself frustrated with malfunctioning hardware and need it repaired quickly with a reliable work ethics.

The security level of your business has a large impact on how your customers view your business; especially if you’re running a large pharmacy and have to rely heavily on security products such as CCTV and High Security locks. At EA Locksmith Inc. we understand these issues. 

I personally have witnessed these situations first hand. I had a case where I have received a thank you call because within a week after I have installed a CCTV and High Security locks systems on this pharmacy they had a break in. The thieves barely made it into the pharmacy and it all got recorded on camera. During their attempt to break in to the pharmacy the lock made their condition a lot harder and has delayed the perpetrator which gives you a large advantage when protecting your business.

Other factors are no less important such as the proper function of your security panic bars and emergency exit bars. Your push pedals, your cylinders, your commercial keys and door lock mechanisms and I won’t forget to mention your door closer that constantly finds a way to break on you. We believe you. We believe you need it done ASAP and at an affordable cost. We do understand your side.

In case you are a large or a small commercial restaurant, opening on time and preparing the kitchen would be a large responsibility which should be done on time. Therefore, being locked out is not an option. My best advice is having EA Locksmith Inc. in your phone book, Just In Case! 

EA Locksmith Inc. is always looking to expand through partnerships and cooperation. Our services come with great pleasure and so is our attitude! Hence, we greatly promote our Discounted Car Key and Locksmith program for businesses and their employees. You’re more than welcome to register your business with EA Locksmith’s promotional pricing for businesses and their employees.

It is easy as 123… for more details ask for a free of charge service call to evaluate your business. Simply register by sending us an email with the nature and the details of your business. Please include the name and the address of your business and best time for your visit.

EA Locksmith Inc. believes in providing you the best service to give you the peace of mind you deserve.