24 Hour Locksmith

How’s your sleep habits? I believe they are not better than mine. You spend hours on your laptop trying to invent the wheel, figuring it out with yourself. But you never think about your health but I guess that’s just me.

This memo is about customers and situation in which we encounter sometimes. In this memo I am just trying to tell my story, how it was from my point of view and I am not talking opinion. My point of view when looking on the facts of that day, because facts are what basically happened and what didn’t. Many people look at the same situation differently yet there is only one ground, same understanding and that’s what I am talking about. Now here’s a quote for your brain I just made it up and now you’re going to judge me even more eh? I am just making it to a 1000 word story that way it has more weight. Wait for it… a few more letters! Ok I think we’re good. Thanks

“It’s not that I live in a dangerous place, its dangerous people I encounter in a non-dangerous society.” — Eli Abbasov

I always remember the worst cases while being on call 24 hours a day where I felt most hurt, but I never hold grudges I just prefer not to think about it too much. One case that happened to me not long ago just disturbed me, because I was 100% sure that this whole situation was just wrong.

Approximately 2 months ago I got called to a house to get a car key copy and it was a Honda! Which by the way requires a high security laser cut key, the machine that cuts it called Key-Line 994 and it’s pretty expensive. Now I was happy to give the guy a good price but I guess that didn’t matter.

I arrived and my first mistake was not taking payment up front, my second mistake was not checking his existing key in all the doors to make sure they all work because sometimes the ignition can work smooth but the trunk or the one of the doors is stiff and it helps to know ahead of time to save the confusion. My third mistake was not checking the new key in the door before programming it to the ignition which I usually do but that night…yep. After I programmed their key and all was great all the sudden the customer wanted to make sure it works in the door and it didn't.

The customer got instantly angry and said that his door lock had worked this morning and that it is my fault that it doesn't work now. Basically my new key that I just made or I did something wrong and destroyed his key and the new key all together. LOL go figure.

As a person who took locks like these apart and fixed them and I believe knowledgeable in Honda locks and ignitions enough I believe that I was simply robed. Because I didn't receive the key I cut back either, means the customer got a new car key cut for his Honda and he didn’t pay for it claiming it destroyed his car lock door. The Regional Waterloo Police can’t do anything because I called them right away explaining them that I am being robbed, but my rights were limited at this point. No cruiser no investigation, I have to go through a civil court.

My wife was so sick at home that I preferred to take care of her and work on my own business rather than fighting with people who are simply evil and disrespectful. The man was claiming he was a police officer for over 20 years and that I cannot mess with him, I guess it’s true and I didn’t. Because there is no point fighting evil on your own, evil feeds of your weakness and that makes you even weaker. So I just left because I lost enough, whether it’s gas money or a car key, the equipment or the programming. The anger, the disappointment. These were not easy times for me; times where I was fighting with myself to stay on watch and make sure I do what I need to do to survive but never hurt someone in the process.

Yet you face customers who make you look bad or fool you thinking they got theirs, or just being cruel to you thinking you are just another sneaky locksmith technician. I guess they didn’t read my 5 star reviews, I am always going to have 5 star reviews and why I am so confident at it? Because when I come to you I don’t judge you, even if you woke me up 3 am I prefer to focus on doing the job rather than being angry at my customer. I listen and give you voice, I also give you choice and never force you to use my service and I don’t get angry if you don’t either because we might think differently or it’s fine. I know how it feels to be a customer yet I know how it feels to be the service personnel and feels great to be appreciated. Always remember that.

The biggest advantage of being a 24 hour locksmith is flexibility, I was never into sitting at home I was always running around looking for friends. I suck at meeting new people and I always end up meeting them, it’s an automatic response of mine to feel positively about meeting new people (until I meet them then things not always go so positive).

Since I am in business, finally! Meeting new people for me is like a whole new world, because we all active we are all interesting and different in our way.

“One of the best ways to get inspired, is to meet a new person who makes you feel better.” — Eli Abbasov