Commercial and Residential Lock Change

I want to talk about lock upgrading which focuses on your commercial and residential spaces. Most of us already have a lock system in place, in our homes or in our offices. Everything is secured, but what about the quality of locks.

Many customers call complaining with regards to being unable to lock the doors of their business or their houses. Therefore, from a locksmith perspective, customer needs a lock change and an upgraded feature that will secure but less chances of getting locked out. Keep in mind, it is not cheap to fix.

There are a few reasons why you should be changing your locks.

· Your spare keys have gone missing

· There was a break-in

· Your locks are old and worn out

· You bought a new house or opened a new business store

· You want a security lock upgrade

Tip: If you want to check how secure your lock is, try picking your own lock. You can even go on YouTube and watch a video on lock picking.

Upgrading and changing your locks is beneficial for your ease of access as well as safety. When trying to pick your locks, you are trying to enter the property damage free. Damage free break-ins are the hardest to solve if there are no evidence left behind. If you do not have a security system in place or CCTV footage to document your intruders, you will have no evidence which will make the investigation police work harder.

Imagine a typical scenario, you are busy with your daily routines and all of the sudden your keys are gone. You have an expensive high end security lock which requires a professional locksmith and no spare keys available. Luckily when installing a high end security lock, you can register for a warranty program which gives you the ability to make keys from scratch to open your apartment or a house as well as your business without damaging your lock.

The locksmith is able to generate your keys with the card which is provided to you during the installation; having a card for your keys gives you the ability to control how many copied keys are out there and removes any doubt about the potential threats of key copying without your permission.

Changing locks is good, but making sure you get high security grade locks for your space is a lot better for your own, safety, convenience, and confidence in its durability.