Don’t Take It Personal 

It’s been raining for days and it seems nature is having it’s own issues this month.

Advice on cats — seriously! Remember how I mentioned I have a cat Henry, well next time I have a cat I will actually stop showing it I event exist. For example I got really mad when my cat ejected his semen on my snowboard boots! So I had to put him in a basement and he was not happy. We didn't grow up together I guess is the root of the problem which is our daily territorial conflict. Oh Henry, what did I do to deserve such a horny cat as you are! “He goes on anything!” Anything left on the floor, I thought it is urine on the floor that I see at first. Nope it is something else and I need to develop a homemade formula against this stinky smell. I tried all kinds of methods cleaning the cat's mess. Dish soap mixed with Pine Sol and gave it a healthy wash then covered the “wet area” with fabric softener left on top of the messy spot to soak it up which is also a good solution. Googled a few more tricks. It helped a bit but I guess Henry is just a man cat, trying to make it through life and sometimes humping oven gloves and teddy bears is how it goes down. Well Henry you leave me no choice because my hiroshima is about to drop on you — “snip, snip”

I guess spring gets the best of us, whoever you are. Don’t take it personal, just continue. That's Henry’s way, he keeps on doing what he is doing thinking I am just going to accept it. Do you spend your spring chasing girls? Or chasing your dreams. Maybe both.

This week I have learned that whatever you are chasing might not be worth your time if you are not fully about it. Meaning that people need to remember who you are for what you are doing and not what you thinking of doing. I see many opportunities around me sometimes but not everyone thinks the same. Some of your own ideas might look like a fantasy at first until you make something real happen, remember nothing is real until you make it real.

Sometimes ideas get left behind due to my limitations and inability to acquire new skills so quickly and make things happen. After all we are all human and limited in a way. Many ideas which would have to take a few people to come together to bring those ideas to life. In a different world maybe.

Until then, I will keep on focusing on what matters most. Providing my customers quality customer service and working on new projects. One at the time. That's how you make things happen!

My project —

My Cat —

Plus my upcoming new born baby boy! Theodore!