When We Feel Stuck

Many times we feel stuck, some of us are stuck in a boring job. Some are stuck in a position which they can't seem to get out of. Some stuck and cannot advance to the next level in their life.

But mostly, we are stuck because we do get tired. Our brains won't fire the same and our self-motivator is not working properly. We are stuck.

Many times I ask myself, how do I get out of this situation. The inability to perform, or maybe create. Inability to learn new things and the loss of will to succeed.

Those and other feelings can be common and some of us battle with it every day. Then time passes by and suddenly something happens. Something gets created and something gets done. That something is your willpower.

My grandfather always said to me that the only way to achieve something is if you keep going back at it each and every single time. No matter what it is that needs to be achieved, it will be only done once you repeat the process multiple times. What you discover is that after numerous times trying you actually advance.

As we are stuck in our patterns, getting an advice from a locksmith is perhaps something you wouldn't have imagined doing.

You checked your wallet before you left work and you can't find your keys. You're terrified, someone might have your keys since they are gone. You call a locksmith in a hurry and rush to your home after work to make sure everything is ok. Luckily a locksmith in Waterloo was able to help out quick and you are almost sure that the situation which you got stuck in is soon to be resolved.

You wonder how your keys slip your mind, you begin recollecting when you saw your lost keys last. Eventually, you get home and the friendly locksmith is there waiting for you, picking up his tools and getting ready for the lockout. You cannot believe you have lost your keys and suddenly the locksmith who is busy picking the lock assures you that this is a common event in his line of work. "People lose keys all the time!" The locksmith mentioned.

You were stuck, and within an hour your case was resolved with new keys. You wonder how did this happen while you were all caught up in your work and projects and progress and you felt stuck and lost and out of touch. Well, now you feel refreshed and renewed knowing that you were simply not paying attention.

"Not always we are creative, not always we are mindful and strong and able to make things work. But then when it's hard do not lose sight of hope!" The locksmith kept on going. There must be something that he knows which I cannot grasp, hold on a moment I think I understand.

I get it, in times of weakness and frustration we need to pay attention. Listen, think and let the time pass. Most importantly always come back to it but never overdo when you are having a weak moment. You will make yourself hate the process.

The prosses should be fun, the prosses of growing and learning is one of the most exciting moments when realized. So I guess the locksmith was right, keep it cool and wait till things shift. There will be a chance and that's when you should be ready. Not drained and purposeless but energized and excited to score on the opportunity. Create a blog or build something. Do whatever makes things ten times better for you. Do what feels better and makes others feel better!