Blogging Success Personal Tips For 2019*

We often find ourselves on the other side of the coin where we need to make a huge effort to cross it.
Running any type of online business consumes lots of time, and this is one of the major problems I find myself failing most of the time, unable to deliver.

Imagine if I could just sit from the morning until the evening working on that one perfect blog post to deliver the most ultimate reading experience. To perfect my typing and writing skills better. To achieve a new intellectual hight. Writing is hard especially to a non-academical person, however, if you are simply going insane with the number of ideas and possibilities you recognize and you simply can't just let the world's opportunities past your sight without giving one a chance, well then you will be hit with all kinds of setbacks. One of them is time management a major point in succeeding in producing quality content.

There are a few ways I can improve my writing. One of them is a method which I called "speed blogging" where I sit down and just randomly create a 300-word post about any subject which worth writing about and then just shoot it out. This is one of those experiments taking place right now and this post is a part of it as well. In my case and this is the subject of this post - time management or just simply finding the right time and just doing it.

Finding the time for me is the most difficult part, I enjoy playing with my 2-year-old sun sports or legos before he goes to sleep and I can't get to my computer before 21:30 at night. By then I am exhausted and nothing seems to be flowing in my mind. But tonight, there was something different, I came back home late and everyone is asleep so no distractions and here I am writing to you.

I guess between ruthless prioritizing and finding the right moment you find yourself actually writing your blog post. It's all about waiting for the right moment, sometimes helping create the right moment is also required. Sometimes an upgrade is required to demand more of yourself and in some form to0 motivate yourself to work harder. Yet, writing or telling a story is not a painful process if you enjoy telling a story blogging is just another way to do so, it doesn't have to be technical or a list of instructions. It can be inspirational and view changing, it can be a simple story like the struggle to find the right time for blogging as a business owner and operator, including SEO manager and Social Media Manager and other stuff I do. On top of all raising a son with an insane ADHD which makes him very, very active.

One thing is certain, whether it is blogging, content making or media making. A lifetime of patience is required, my grandfather played in an orchestra and I witnessed first hand that it takes a whole lifetime to make yourself a name as an artist or at least a good media producer, to top it off I would add that the sooner you find your style and make it exceptional in your own way of course (only comes with time) your happiness is not too far away. Because amongst all the things which we suffer for we need more things to make us happy and what would make us happier than see our own skills bring us success. In 2019! Happy New Year!

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