Student Lockouts

This piece right here is about student lockouts. As you know being a student is a tough phase in your life, you are tired of school and studying and you want to try something new. Maybe start a new job or perhaps go to study in a different city or even a different country. Student life is about focusing on your future and also not getting locked out.

It is a daily occurrence that I get to meet new students almost every day, unfortunately not in the best circumstances. Most of my encounters with students are due to a bedroom lockout and the rest are car lockouts and here is what I have noticed. Anyone can get locked out and it happens for one reason and one reason only… distraction. New students get locked out lot more often than senior students, this because it takes time to adjust to changes like a new bedroom or a new city and everything is new and your head is spinning and oops. Lost your car keys or locked yourself out of the bedroom. Now you need a locksmith and you are stressing about the costs. It’s OK perfectly natural daily occurrence after all and many of my customers ask me if it happens all the time. My answer is yes!

Actually, I have a live example from today. Today I got a call and I was surprised to find out that a mother of a student was concerned about her daughter. Her daughter was unable to get into her bedroom and the mother decided to call ahead of time and schedule the appointment for service. It seemed as if it was their first time and it was in fact. She was a newly student and have moved in recently to the area, I asked if it ever happen to her and she replied saying that she got locked out twice since she had moved in. She had locked herself out before and this time she didn’t want to damage anything so her mother decided to call a professional locksmith. Last time she smashed the door, but this time she just paid a bit of money and got her bedroom open clean which turned out to be cheaper.

In conclusion change is something that we struggle to accept and while we are busy accepting it Murphy is quick to throw us a bone! No matter what you are going through there must be another person out there going through the same thing and if you happen to be one of those people who got locked out, well good luck!