Locked Out - Murphy Law

In movies the scenarios are often predicted and the actors are the artists to play it out right and make it look real. In real life your daily scenarios are so unpredictable that it may take a split second to change your reality from being completely flawless with your day to a sticky situation which you never predicted. That’s because your day consist of many important things which are always on your mind, at the same time it also consists of things you usually don’t pay attention to. It can be the wind direction or the cold temperature after a hot day. Many things change on a daily basis; scientists say that even the moon has an effect on your daily activity depending on its position relative to the earth. All of this means that one wrong move and you can get into an accident for example. I wish you none of that but I wish to say beware! Murphy is all about the hunting for your weakness, whatever bothers you today may turn against you throughout the day. Best advice is to be vigilant and pay attention to your surroundings, if you are always checking your reality you’re probably focused on doing what you do. If you focused on thinking about your problems constantly you may appear distracted.

Getting locked out while distracted is very common, many people find themselves locked out or stuck out of their own vehicle because of a distraction or something they were doing wrong while thinking about the wrong things. Sometimes the best medicine is slowing down, look at what you are doing and pay attention to your environment.

Is it too stressful? Do you make decisions out of pressure or out of clear thinking and decision making? Sometimes while playing chess I realize that our brains have a limit when it comes to picking the best decision in a certain situation. While under pressure from the opponent you have to quickly assess the situation and make your move which is supposed to be the best in that equation. Best move is to solve your problem and get out of that mess you are in as soon as possible. Murphy has no empathy to your life problems and neither should you! There is no tolerance for life issues, only solutions. If you got issues you can’t wait for someone to solve them, meaning if you got yourself locked out you have to pay for it one way or another. Paying a locksmith with money to unlock your door can be the same as breaking in yourself and then fixing the damage except this will cost you more money doing it yourself sometimes. Point being is you do not learn unless you face the mistake, pay for it and move on.

Getting yourself out of that sticky situation you got yourself into when you got locked out is calling a professional locksmith is your best bet although not every company is so compassionate. As we all know large money making companies prey on you to get locked out so they can snatch you as a customer for the lowest rate promised and charge you the most when on site. This is just part of what happens when you let Murphy control your life. I’ll tell you a secret, here’s what I always did when there was no work. When Murphy told me I have to sit and wait. I refused and created more work to be busy; being busy attracts Murphy into working for you. Same things apply on anything else. I never want to do what the situation imposes on me; I always want to do things that come to mind at a point in time so I go ahead and do it. For example, if you got locked out and urgently need a locksmith, I would suggest for you to search for the best available and not just someone from the list.

Murphy doesn’t have to be cruel if you’re in control; therefore making a good conscious call is what gets you out of a sticky situation. When you search around your area for a local locksmith you will often spot many companies who may provide great service or so it looks. Always check what the reviews say read the real reviews and see the difference in tones. Second look for a smaller local locksmith company to serve you, simple because a smaller company consists of just a few locksmiths and the communication level is usually better thus the customer service.

Do not fall for X and up pricing simply because you do not control the price when there is no cap. Capping it up could be difficult as well, simply because giving a quote on the phone is difficult and often impossible but a close estimate is in fact an option. There is a difference between 120 dollar lockout and 360 dollar lockout. The difference is that the 120 dollar lockout gets you into the house quicker and saves your lock; the 360 dollar lockout will take more time and will demand a lock change which you only want when you need a locksmith for a lock repair or a lock change, not when you are locked out.

Lastly, while many things that happen land on us from above or from below, most important thing is don’t lose sweat over something you are about to pay for. Your sweat worth more than your money, well at least to yourself! Keep it that way!