Keeping The Momentum

I am asking you today, are you a writer? Looking back at your life, when you did first managed to compose a perfectly good paragraph filled with ideas and quotations for your audience just to have it crash in front of your eyes along with your overheated laptop. Happened to me too many times! This time I saved it every 5 minutes – Just In Case! I believe it’s something you should know and never let it slow you down. “Delays are also a setback of the process, which we try to avoid having of course” – Eli Abbasov

I heard someone say “some people get tired of these things, I don’t” and I adopted it. Even if I get easily overwhelmed like I used to before; this time I recover.
And when I get overloaded with too many thoughts I turn to writing. Writing helps to release all those thoughts and ideas bothering your mind. Present something new to the world show a piece of yourself to the masses.

Keeping the momentum can get hard, focusing on a project or a task which requires you to re-invent yourself every time and outperform audience expectations, demands lots of patience. Being on a good flow is important for your overall performance but the flow can get disrupted at any given moment, then you have to find yourself again and continue what you started. I try best remembering how I started and what my goal was and I stick to it, grab it as hard as you can. We often hold on too tight then we get tired and then we completely let go. Some try a few times, some try harder but some – never let go. Be like those guys, let it go yet never really stop what you are doing. Never let go, just keep on learning.

Having trouble to focus is my number one obstacle, when I listen or talk. When I read or write, my brain just shifts to further thinking or wondering in space that I simply lose focus on the matter itself. Matter like finishing an article without over complicating it, or listen fully to a speaker even if his speech is not fully intriguing or stimulating. Basically listen, understand and implement. Some people have a hard time doing it, for some it’s even unbearable. Accepting change or learning something new is completely blocked in some people’s minds.

One thing I learned recently that advancing in your mind happens only by accepting new realities. Hearing about is different than really implementing it in your own life. Another thing I have learned is that the older you get the more frustrated you become. You simply lose your patience faster. Not all of us have it and I promised myself that I will make sure not to get frustrated, I will promise myself that I will have enough patience for my job. As well as Patience for my project or patience for a customer, while trying not to lose it, patience to teach my son something new or just the basics of life.

Good advice doesn’t come from a person who got frustrated in life; even if it does it doesn’t really hit the spot. Best advice comes from a survivor, someone who beat his way through life smiling at the world through his teeth. So much patience “and where do you get it?” some people ask me. My mother told me ones I am special and people are jealous of what I got, I never quite figured what it is but to her I was. I think that every good mother would say her only boy is special, and so he believes it all his life – special. Just because someone told him so and it’s amazing how much influence you can have over a person.

Keeping the momentum I think to myself, what are you doing in life? What is your purpose or your gig? Sure you hate everything sometimes. That’s when it’s time, for a change. It’s time for something new.

Till next time Eli is here, wishing you to keep your momentum and break a leg. Metaphorically speaking!