Summer 2017 Quick Memo

Interesting season, sort of British summer as someone mentioned online; as if summer is slipping away giving us a cold shoulder. While in Britain itself the heatwave seems to bring record high temperatures since 2003 still we get chill rainy days here and across the ocean.

After speaking to my aunt in Moscow I realized that the weather pattern is similar across the globe too; chilling summer nights and hot sunny days keep us wondering what is up with nature this year, so as we do in every year.

This summer couldn’t get better, sleepless nights and endless work; seems like life has all planned out for us. I hear a baby cry and I can’t even function when hearing it in the background, so as every other guy out there as people tell me; apparently we aren’t able to ignore a baby cry (I definitely cannot).
The focus of this summer is pretty much sleep, funny hibernation season started early this year; I did hear when kids arrive it’s the kind of change you get although can never get use to we as human beings learn to adapt in one way or another. While there are better ways to adapt to a change we are the ones who will make the choices hoping to make it right?

People criticize, people point fingers and makes suggestions; it’s all good. Listening is the key, if we only listen enough and pay attention there is so much you can do. Take the criticism; it’s one of the best ways to make changes in your own perception or in your own way of opinion. Criticism hits hard and it hits the spot; one day an acquaintance of mine called me and we had a conversation about the upcoming 13% home buying tax which was introduced this year July 2017. Our conversation was summed by me mentioning that after every demand there’s oversupply, prices drop and tax hike for foreign buyers is a bump; which has to be carefully thought through. True Kitchener real estate market is still attractive and people keep with their purchases, sure lots of locks are going to be changed so I am not complaining. Assured that it’s nothing; my acquaintance made a comment about how amateur my site appears to be and it looks quite boring. I wasn’t offended; in fact I asked for further opinion and try to listen to all he had to say, simply because criticism is our way out of what we know. Responding to criticism is also important; since we all have an opinion we all have ideas and creative thinking, this means we are all capable of helping each other in one way or another.

That same day I flipped my website’s home page from top to bottom and today it looks even more crazy and boring is the last word I would use.
While providing excellent locksmith service in Kitchener and expanding to surrounding areas, I definitely remember to keep my mood up as I am acquiring new skills as well as new toys to make more customers happy with my local auto locksmith service.
Sure there are many who wish to challenge and test a person on a roll, that exists in every industry and path of life; responding well to hate and “antiness” is the key. Where there is a challenge, there is always an opportunity. It is a massive sentence and it encourages hope and creativity, I first saw this sentence in 2003; It was written in a form of a famous Winston Churchill quote on a wall just like that out of nowhere “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”. While I consider myself to be a 50% pessimist because you often find me talking about the challenges, optimism is something which I have in my DNA I guess because right there I understood this sentence. I understood that learning from the challenges is the way to find an opportunity while in the process of challenging yourself and just to clear this subject out into the open for some people challenge is about doing things, anything. Reading is a challenge, writing is a challenge along with everything else, just a few days ago I managed to encounter 2 visitors who wanted to convert me into a different religion claiming there’s is too much suffering and we should all follow the same path. “Na, I prefer to follow my path” while trying to explain the 2 men on my door step that we are all bacteria which has developed over millions of years and we are at the top of the chain because we are many and intelligent, they - people at my door were claiming that suffering at the hands of evil, and who is evil? People who were taught to hate and manipulate, we are here in 2017 to keep building the tower; reaching to the sky and teaching the next generation that it’s all about love and respect. That’s how you get rid of evil. Drifted too far? True, my apologies

Many lessons are learned every day, then we sleep on it at night hoping to remember what we learned so far so we can stand the test f life when it hits us with a pop quiz.
I prefer to write, so I remember.