Aiming To The Skies 2018 Lazy Winters And Happy New Year!

To summarize the year 2017 I would simply say that I was amazed. Trump presidency, Isis defeat, and the world doesn't stop there. So much happened this year in the tech world, that if we go in detail and Moses himself woke up now and tried to understand what's going on he would have his mind blown because I am not sure they predicted everything in the old books. A famous Rabbi did mention to me one day that all events are predicted in a way in the old bible and if you know how to read and understand the clues then you know that you can learn a thing or two by simply reading the bible. From the beginning. I promised that to myself that I will do it for my son if he will listen of course.

Lots of voices about #metoo and confessions about famous and wealthy people taking advantage of their positions and powers to exploit the system. You can do a lot with superpowers but instead, we chose to fall for our sick weaknesses. I was surprised to read about the star of the show "house of cards" being a predator.  I personally do not like predators. Praying on the weak reduces the value of the predator because you need many lions to defeat an elephant. Sometimes the predator is blind to the fact that he is small and you are big. Without going further. I will change the subject.

Is there a cure for our brain diseases which we live with every day if you don't have one lucky you. I am not talking you and me, we are average. Brain diseases are what makes our world dark, as we all appear normal some people have issues far beyond average and one day someone gets hurt. I wish 2018 will be the year where I will see more brain study discoveries than those idiotic Trump headlines. Do your job, you don't have to tweet every thought that comes out of your mind, leave that to the dummy awards. When we cure our brains. I have a friend who is a biomedical engineer, maybe I will suggest a machine as such.
According to some research, I read, not very accurate by me as my memory is really bad; but our brain fires in pulses and a set of pulses is required to combine a movement, thought or action. What if this machine could alter the pulses in a predator's brain to divert those pulses and resolve the problematic pulses. To put this in action - I will explain in a politically religious way: there is a secret place on earth where a religious man can only be with the wife he married and cannot steer his eye not even to peak and look at another woman and its simple code of ethics and this society has practiced such habbit for thousands of years. Some do let their minds control but some manage to stay on a good path through learning. Their mind is occupied with learning and they find value in knowledge instead. Their brain is programmed to fire in a certain way and is able to divert any craving be it bad or good into a different action. This is science fiction but what if you can make a machine that can read and analyze the root of the problem {fixing it will be being g-d}

That kind of imagination can make you the billionaire in 2018 or put you in jail lol. Hey, do remember that hundreds of years ago if you tell a person that there are millions of galaxies just like ours he will think you are crazy. I am actually myself not sure that this is real because I have read about it and seen it through media. Unfortunately, I and telescope is not really a go. I mean I did give it a go but after freezing me in the cold for about 2 hours I gave up. Too much light and dust in the air will be my excuse. I have to travel far into Quebec to find a clear sky path. Then! I'm bringing you them galaxies.

Aim for the skies and don't forget the space suit while at it. Make sure there's enough air because it might get scary as hell but hey if you manage to survive its heaven. What? Basically, what I mean it's an awesome view out there and why not give us the view? Oh, snap we just got the view - this is the Earth's view. We need something better. We need live cam into space with a telescope built in, one problem only power supply and data transfer which are big challenges. This year we might see some interesting inventions like shooting the good scope camera into space and watching it live to keep our minds on something else or just watch Netflix. I checked and I couldn't find a live cam to space since Google has discontinued the space project and there is no app. I think if I could afford it I could perhaps develop a platform combining all the space maps and information into one source including a telescopic live camera which takes a snap view of the deep dark space. Sounds like a fairy tale how can I even talk about space or aiming to the sky while having the fear of heights.

My Blogger resolution list for 2018 is:
 - Fix, Fix, Fix
 - Work, Work, Work
 - Build, Build, Build
 - Snow, Snow, Snow

I am kidding. Now, this:
 1. Beat one fear - {We are all afraid of something and we kind of have to deal with it so what it will be this year? We have to pick one!}
 2. Master your skill - {We all know how to do something but we can always get better at it or try something new, sure thing if you mastered one thing there's always pop another in 2018}
 3. Make a mistake - {Every time we fall to self-criticism we must remind ourselves to be better tomorrow but it is only if you won't stop trying today. Large effort required!}

Hey before I go here's my new year toast to you from the Russian "Pogavorka"

One of the famous toasts goes like this:
New year is near and we are waiting
To leave our worries behind,
Those problems which we’re dragging
We keep on trying yet no answer is in sight
Let’s raise our toasts and drink le-haim {that wasn’t part of the Russian version}
To those who stand with us tonight!
Forget your troubles leave them rested
As we escape our memories tonight,
I hope that no one gets arrested
Make sure to hide the vodka bottles from plain site! {It was like that in Russian believe me}
You can attempt the Russian version but it might hurt your teeth.