Before I Continue: Working With Manuals

You probably hate it, working with manuals. Dreading manuals is a very common fear. Often I find many unable to read manuals or instructions. Using manuals is the way of understanding your product. It can be your car, lock or a product which you have purchased which you still didn't quite understand how to use.

If you ever met an aircraft technician you would know that the manual is the bibble of these people. There is nothing to do unless there are clear pre-calculated instructions for working on a certain device.

The difficulty of reading manuals begins with a huge headache just from looking at one. Then the thought itself of receiving new and complicated information is the trigger for neglect. So the answer remains within one's ability to shift to a new thought by opening a new channel. New realization.

Patience, since no one has it. It is required earning and needed everywhere yet we often lack patience at the most crucial times. For example, imagine a person who is trying to pass a car just to turn to a different street right after making risky moves and risking other drivers on the road. Patience is ones ability to grasp perception and evaluate action almost instantly. I will expand my example, if driving behind a slow vehicle irritates you, then imagine that you have 1000 meters till your next exit. You can simply speed and bypass the slow driving vehicle but it might not be so safe in this given example. I guarantee you have witnessed or will witness this type of scenario. Would you wait patiently till your next exit? Or will you speed and race the slow driving vehicle just to meet him again at the next red light! Patience is often required at the most crucial times especially when on the road.

Imagine waiting for something and realizing that your time is wasted as it goes by. This feeling gets you irritated and your patience is running out. One thought should moderate your impatience levels and it is called "No Zero" and this is really the key to everything in terms of reality and patience.

To put that into perspective, if tolerance is one tool for being more patient then "No Zero" policy should be the realization of the tolerant. I will explain in another example. While others can claim you are wasting time on things instead of doing "the right" thing others do not recognize that there is a plus in everything you do. Naturally, by doing so you create a plus, you also attract lots of minus for this case as called negative feedback. You can correct or respond to it, it is not absolute.
Perhaps there is where the patience begins, the realization of a plus in each moment. The plus of the effort or the patience invested. pushing away our deeply engraved animalistic instinctual responses will definitely help you focus on the plus.

That same patience of "nothing is wasted" "No Zero" policy in your life can often help you recover from hard times and stay on your grind. Nothing you do is wasted, it is the potential maybe somewhere unfulfilled. Only if we could read more of those manuals to understand things better than we do.