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The psychology of blogging (by ea locksmith) which I am about to tell you is something you already know.

If so might as well just abandon this page yet, some words might trigger your mind and provoke thoughts which will arise without your control. Reading something you already know sparks new thoughts with changes added through time.

The subject of SEO is a changing one, so as the world around us. Yet inside we are the same primitive mind that constantly seeks for the same things. Recognition, affirmation, and value.

No matter what you are blogging about, there are plenty of ways to create interesting content. The best content is made as you go. Being on the move is important for creating interesting subjects.

For example, if you have experienced self-growth, you can share your experience with the world.

If you have a piece of knowledge or vision or a point of view the psychology of blogging is exactly about that.

"Basically realizing pieces of knowledge, realizing that we are simply self-programmable DNA structured and evolved layer by layer beings. This means that the evolution comes from outside not just from within, we must see, explore and often suffer and feel certain degrees of pain to evolve.

It doesn't have to be a physical pain. Some struggle with mental pain. Just like writing a pointless article, something you might be annoyed to do, for some people learning feels exactly the same way. The mind simply refuses to pick up data. The mind refuses to produce.

You become disinterested in doing and repeating the same procedure over and over again.

I need something new and it is so hard to learn so what is required, perhaps a plan would do."

 - Eli Abbasov

Our SEO strategies are getting old and require a change. A new thinking perhaps?

There is no plan, but the one you create. There is no secret but the one you discover.

As every day goes by, ideas and sparks will pass through your mind given your reality. It is up to you how you create the value of an idea, from a neuron into a physical entity.


You have to make sense which is a big challenge, your blog posts have to make sense and the struggle is to answer a demand which is often changing. However, there are many major niche subjects you can focus on. Like this blog post which you are reading.

There is nothing like visual because it's easy to understand. If you can back up your content with visual it's by far more effective. That makes things more complicated. We are going to have to get more creative and record video as we create the copyrighted content and merge them together to make an explosion of color.

In the future, you would interact much more with voice and video so it is important to prepare yourself mentally and psychologically. Just like smoking, the thought of smoking a cigarette is the same thought as "pick up the camera and record" things which we don't think about becoming our routine and suddenly we manage to teach ourselves the transition from an ordinary thinker, to a blogger.

Lastly is the distribution, nothing works without distribution of information, our world is built minute by minute on information transfer or a form of distribution. Imagine never being heard of.

A short story I promise:

{I know one music producer, he is talented at producing electronic music and I find that his inability to succeed in life is his inability to have an attitude of a successful person. It's like declining the spark of creativity which comes from success. Especially in music, the spark of success, even s small one which sparks even more creative ideas. Imagine not seeing success in 10 years of hard work. But then imagine seeing small successes as milestones. Imagine never being heard of. The reason being, proper distribution. There is nothing better than knowing how to distribute yourself/your brand across the net efficiently and remain sticky.} Branding, Story/Image Building, Distribution.

Distributing yourself across the web in all types of forms is beneficial for your blog, especially participating in online debates or making comments on websites which can point back to you.

In the end, you have to teach yourself to think like a blogger, which pieces of your day can benefit your blog/site? Prioritise and focus on what you started. If your blog post is too boring make it into a story and deliver the content in an entertaining manner.

You have to always keep an open mind and be available to receive the signs around you until you learn to implement them into action. Take your time.

Whatever it is, make it bloggy!

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